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ANOKIAN Nature Sports elite luxury balm (Pain relief cream) and wild minth and honey balm GIFT DUO

ANOKIAN Nature Sportive Gift product duo Sports elite luxury balm (Pain relief cream): Our prod..

64.75 $


Eczema / Psoriasis: Repair treatment for the body and scalp (honey and wild herbs mask)

Used in hair this product reduces dandruff in the blink of an eye! It also relieves itching of any k..

50.00 $


Vos Délicieuses tisanes DUO

 Vos Délicieuses tisanes DUOMint, clover, cardamome, dried mangoGround tea goes in replaceable..

16.40 $


Wheat Grass on soil

Wheat herb on potting soil in 10x 10container. Great for making your own juice. Wheatgrass juice i..

8.00 $

8,00$/contenant 10x10

Wooden Board for bread and cheese

Wooden bread and cheese board13.5'' x 8'' x 1''..

17.00 $
Abyssinian oil

Abyssinian oil

Abyssinian Oil - 100% pure and natural Nourishes dry hair and great to disentangle   ..

17.99 $ 19.99 $


Abyssinian oil and Lavender Shampoo Duo

Abyssinian oil and Lavender Shampoo Duo

Abyssinian oil nourishes and facilitates detangling hair. Ideal after using a bar shampoo, this is w..

27.95 $ 29.95 $

Acorn squash purée

Fresh Acorn squash purée made with Acorn squash from Ferme Natura. It is delivered 24 to 48 hours af..

4.50 $

4.50$ / 480 ml

Aisian cut daikon and carrots

Ferme Natura's Daikon radishes and sweet carrots  are cut into ,5 x ,5 x 5 cm juliennes sticks,..

3.50 $

3.50$ / 300 g

Alfalfa sprouts – organic

Alfalfa sprouts with their delicate flavor are usually eaten raw. They are great for salads, sandwic..

3.00 $

3.00$ / 150g

All flowers honey

Pure and unpasteurized honey. Substitute 1 cup of sugar with 2/3 cup of honey. Substract 1/4 cup of ..

4.00 $

Amaranth micro-greens on soil

Amaranth sprouts on potting soil containing 5"x5" x3 ". Delicate and beautiful color, tastes like ..

5.00 $

5$/contenant 5x5

ANOKIAN Nature Balsam fir flavoured and four sacred herbs salts Gift DUO

ANOKIAN Nature Balsam fir flavoured and four sacred herbs salts Gift DUOThe flavored salts with..

21.90 $


Anti-aging facial repair care (Honey and wild flowers mask)

Our anti-aging facial facial is an intensive treatment to tighten the pores of the face and help you..

45.00 $


Apple & Ginger Kombucha

There is a $1.50 bottle deposit charge included in the $4.99 per bottle price. When you return your ..

4.99 $

Apple cider vinegar and strawberry jam DUO

Duo includes :Apple cider vinegar , Verger Roka, 250 mlStrawberry jam, La Belle de Coteau du Lac , 3..

13.50 $


Apple Pie

Allergens: Contains wheat.  May contain traces of peanuts and tree nuts.Ingredients:Apples, fil..

8.25 $


Apple sauce organic


14.00 $

14$ / 2,84L

Araagula Micro-green on soil

Aragula sprouts on potting soil in a 5 "x5" x3 "container, slightly pungent and fragrant, good sourc..

5.00 $

contenant 5x5

Back of the knee bone, 4-6 inches

Same as our soup bones but cut 4-6 inches lenght Bag of 2 pieces Order number of package of 2..

2.00 $

$2.00/paquet de 2 os

Bacon Tournedos

Nice beef medallion enrolled with bacon; it cooks as nicely on the BBQ than in the oven. IDEA: To sa..

12.95 $


Bagel au fromage

Bagel au fromage..

6.75 $

Paquet de 6



9.25 $

2 paquet de 6

Bagels mélangés

Bagels mélangés..

6.75 $

Paquet de 6

Bagels plein gout

Bagels plein gout..

6.00 $

Paquet de 6

Bagels sésames


6.00 $

Paquet de 6

Baguette 9 grains au levain

Baguette 9 grains au levain..

4.65 $

1 baguette 375g

Baguette 9 grains en COEUR


5.25 $

Baguette en forme de coeur

Baguette blanche au levain

Baguette blanche au levain..

4.40 $

1 baguette 375g

Baguettes de pain (3) CONGELÉES

Baguettes de pain (3) CONGELÉES..

11.00 $

Sac de 3 baguettes

Bajoue de BOEUF

Price: $14.25\kgPackage of one piece between 0.2 kg ($2.85) and 0.4 kg ($5.70) Price: $14.25\kgYou w..

4.75 $


Balsam fir ancestral healing honey

The ancestral healing honey of the First Nations of Quebec will accompany nicely the banic, cakes, i..

18.50 $


Balsam fir Decoction/Herbal tea

Theses herbs in herbal tea or decoction, will help you face the cold or the flu during the spring or..

17.40 $


Balsam fir flavoured salt

The flavored salts with the flavors of the First Nations of Quebec will enhance your dishes, marinad..

10.95 $


Bay leaves and orange herbal tea

Bay leaves, orange zest and cinnamon for oral hygiene.Bay leaves are come from domestically gro..

5.85 $

250 ml

BBQ BEEF Sausage

Our home made sausages are made of 100% beef meat.As soon as they are ready, they are frozen and vac..

6.25 $


Bean Sprouts – organic

Perfect for salads, sandwiches, soups and stir fries. Keep refrigerated and rinse before use. Ingred..

3.00 $

3.00$ / sac 175g

Bee Balm Herbal Tea

Mix of leaves and dried beebalm petals for a delicious scented herbal tea. Its can used to flavor fo..

3.10 $

3.10$/5 g

Beef burger

Made from our lean ground beef, these burgers cook easily without crumbling away. For an easy, no wo..

7.50 $

$7.50 (4 burgers)

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