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Peppermaster Fusion Fire 250

A sauce that delivers broad flavours and big heat as an all-purpose hot sauce.INGREDIENTS: fresh chi..

25.00 $

angelica plant

Angelica archangelica  herb Angelica has been prized for centuries for its lovely aroma, l..

3.95 $

pot 4''

Wheat Grass on soil

Wheat herb on potting soil in 5 "x7" x3 "container. Great for making your own juice. Wheatgrass ju..

4.00 $

contenant 5"x5"


Notre tourtière maison 100 % boeuf  vous surprendra!Chacune de nos tourtières contiennent ..

12.79 $


After shave cream - men

Discover our AFTER SHAVE CREAM for Men.100% Natural source, Organic ingredients & Vegan. Shea an..

15.99 $

Agastache foeniculum

Hardy perrenial. Leaves may be harvested from spring to summer. Pretty blue flowers that attract ben..

3.95 $

pot 4''

Agastache foeniculum plant

Hardy perrenial. Leaves may be harvested from spring to summer. Pretty blue flowers that attract ben..

3.95 $

pot 4''

Alfalfa sprouts – organic

Alfalfa sprouts with their delicate flavor are usually eaten raw. They are great for salads, sandwic..

3.00 $

3.00$ / 150g

Amaranth micro-greens on soil

Amaranth sprouts on potting soil containing 5"x5" x3 ". Delicate and beautiful color, tastes like ..

5.00 $

contenant 5x5

Apple Butter

Ingredients:Apples, sugar, orange juice, butter (milk), artificial vanilla flavor.Keep refrigerated ..

5.75 $

5.75/212 ml

Apple Jelly

Ingredients: Crab apples, apples, water, cane sugar.Keep refrigerated after opening...

5.75 $


Apple Juice / Natural

UnpasteurizedKeeps up to 7 days in the fridge...

4.75 $


Araagula Micro-green on soil

Aragula sprouts on potting soil in a 5 "x5" x3 "container, slightly pungent and fragrant, good sourc..

5.00 $

contenant 5x5

Armenian cucumber plant

 Light-green, mild-tasting, deeply ribbed fruit. The elongated fruit yields uniform, easily dig..

3.75 $

pot 3''

Assorted Lettuce – organic

You will receive 3 different lettuces among the varieties available. Consult the lettuce section of ..

7.00 $

7.00$ / 3 unités

Back of the knee bone, 4-6 inches

Same as our soup bones but cut 4-6 inches lenght Bag of 2 pieces Order number of package of 2..

2.00 $

$2.00/paquet de 2 os

Bacon (Porcs en liberté)


10.50 $

*Porcs en liberté* Paquet d'environ 350g

Bacon Tournedos

Nice beef medallion enrolled with bacon; it cooks as nicely on the BBQ than in the oven. IDEA: To sa..

12.95 $

Bagel au fromage

Bagel au fromage..

6.75 $

Paquet de 6



9.25 $

2 paquet de 6

Bagels mélangés

Bagels mélangés..

6.75 $

Paquet de 6

Bagels plein gout

Bagels plein gout..

6.00 $

Paquet de 6

Bagels sésames


6.00 $

Paquet de 6

Baguette 9 grains au levain

Baguette 9 grains au levain..

4.50 $

1 baguette 375g

Baguette 9 grains en COEUR


5.25 $

Baguette en forme de coeur

Baguette blanche au levain

Baguette blanche au levain..

4.25 $

1 baguette 375g

Baguettes de pain (3) CONGELÉES

Baguettes de pain (3) CONGELÉES..

11.00 $

Sac de 3 baguettes

Bajoue de BOEUF

Price: $13.65\kgPackage of one piece between 0.2 kg ($2.73) and 0.4 kg ($5.46) Price: $13.65\kgYou w..

4.75 $

$4.75 par paquet de 348 g

Bath Bomb

ingredients: baking soda, citric acid, epsom salt, corn starch, organic coconut oil , maple essence..

6.02 $


BBQ BEEF Sausage

Our home made sausages are made of 100% beef meat.As soon as they are ready, they are frozen and vac..

6.25 $

Bean Sprouts – organic

Perfect for salads, sandwiches, soups and stir fries. Keep refrigerated and rinse before use. Ingred..

3.00 $

3.00$ / sac 175g

Bee Balm Herbal Tea

Mix of leaves and dried beebalm petals for a delicious scented herbal tea. Its can used to flavor fo..

3.00 $

3$/5 g

Beef burger

Made from our lean ground beef, these burgers cook easily without crumbling away. For an easy, no wo..

7.50 $

$7.50 (4 burgers)

Beef liver

Nice small beef liver slice easy to cook$11.25/kg or $5.11/lb Order number of packages You will be b..

2.48 $

Beef Osso Bucco

Sliced and 1 1/2 inch thick$16.75/kg or $7.61/lb Order number of packages. You will be billed for ex..

9.95 $

Beef Oxtail

$7.75/kg or $3.52/lb Order number of packages. You will be billed for exact weight (between 0.4 and ..

6.95 $

Beef strips

To vary your menu, nothing better than our delicious strips of tender steak23.99/kg or $10.90/lb Ord..

10.95 $

Beef tongue

$9.40/kg or $4.27/lb From 1 kg to 1.7 kg Order in package of 1 You will be billed for the exact weig..

12.50 $

Beets micro-green, freshly cut

Beet sprouts, cut into 30g container. Container are compostable. Keep cool. Keeps 7 to 10 days...

5.00 $

5$ /30g

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