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Anjou pear - To consume quickly

Organic pears. Product from Argentina..

0.39 $

0.39$ / unité


Fresh Chive..

2.00 $

Turnip micro-greens, freshly cut

Turnip sprouts, cut into 50g container. Container are compostable. Keep cool. Keeps 7 to 10 days.All our products come from a culture without fertilizers, pesticides or chemical insecticides. We use only products (potting soil, seeds, etc.) that have their organic certifications...

5.00 $


Bok Choy micro-greens, freshly cut

Bok Choy sprouts, freshly cut, containing 50g. The containers are compostable. Keep cool. The shoots are kept for 7 to 10 days. All our products come from a culture without fertilizers, pesticides or chemical insecticides. We use only products (potting soil, seeds, etc.) that have their organic certifications...

5.00 $


Dewy morning scent - Soy wax & cedar wood tick in a small masson jar (Natural, Vegan, Eco-responsable)

Soy wax candle poured into small mason jars with a double cedar wick.Dewy morning scentOur candles are vegan, not tested on animals, natural and GMO-free, no pesticides, parabens or harmful phthalates.Our wooden wicks allow combustion at low temperature with a slight crackling sound and a rather small flame.The ingredients are: Soy wax, Perfume quality perfume, Soy wax coloringColors according to production of the moment - Contact us for any special color requests (without additional charge)Some information about our suppliers:Our pots come from a Canadian supplier and are made in Canada. These have many uses after your candle is finished. We have selected them from a zero-waste and eco-responsible perspective.Our wicks come from a supplier who for each tree cut into two plants. For us, it is an important aspect to take care of the environment!______________________The Candle Burner Dogmas!-Attentive, you will be!Never leave a candle unattended, always keep away from children, animals and any packaging or possible flammable source.Be careful, lighting a candle is a responsibility, always make sure to extinguish what you light.-Keep your distance, you will do!No need to get close to the flame to smell its perfume, you will burn the tip of your nose and also because the perfume is diffused, it means it will smell all around you.Keep your candle away from any source of heat and do not place it on a surface that could catch in fire.-The art of burning, you will observe!Always burn for a minimum of 30 minutes, otherwise the center will burn faster than the outline and you will damage your candle.Never exceed 120 minutes, leaving a candle burning for too long may cause the perfume to evaporate faster, don't worry, our candles continue to diffuse their scent as long as the wax is melted.-The right size, you'll keep!You have to trim the wick sometimes, you need about 5 mm of wick. If the black tip on top is too long, the flame has trouble burning, tap it gently to break it and everything will burn as before.Remove all debris from the wax bath, keep in mind that it is the melted wax that burns on a candle, not the wick.-Responsible, you will be!The act of lighting your candle seals an unbreakable pact between you and Fire ‘n Bubble!We won't be responsible if you set fire to your house or anything else, not even your nose, we told you before, be attentive.By buying our candles and especially by lighting them, you release us from any responsibility for the unfortunate consequences that could happen if you do not follow the basic safety rules.If you do not accept these conditions, give us back our candle and we will refund you, I promise.Deposit 0.50$ for a lid/jar/wick holder set...

8.50 $

Ginger kombucha

Every superhero needs their faithful ally. Our Ginger kombucha has your back. Fresh ginger juice is its secret weapon for a punch of natural flavour and an out-of-this world zing. So crack open a bottle. Feel the fizz. Get back to your normal - whatever your superpowers may be. Ingredient:  filtered water, cane sugar*, kombucha culture, white tea*, fresh ginger juice*, black tea*, green tea*, xanthan gum.  *organic..

7.90 $

Lemon extra virgin olive oil

The secret of this oil? Its colour and its unmistakable aroma obtained thanks to the extraction mode, which consists of squeezing the olives and the fresh lemons together in order to preserve the natural and refreshing taste of the lemon. Once you try it. you will catch yourself drizzling it everywhere, and like many amateurs, you will believe that the bottles are not big enough.Without GMOs, our olive oil is an important source of omega-9, antioxidants and vitamin E.Use: finishing touchSmoke Point (?) : 329 ° F/165 ° CExtraction (?) : Cold Extraction - RawFrom: ArgentinaIngredients: Extra virgin olive oil, lemons.Certifications: GMO-freeNaturally Gluten Free..

8.62 $


Medium Salsa

INGREDIENTS:Diced tomatoes* in tomato juice*, tomato puree* (water, tomato paste*, citric acid), onions*, jalapeno peppers* in brine (jalapeno peppers*, vinegar*, sea salt), red bell peppers*, dried onions*, dried garlic*, sea salt, apple cider vinegar*, cilantro*, citric acid, xanthan gum, natural flavor, cumin*. *Organic...

4.25 $


6 chocolatines 45gr/Each frozen -13%

6 chocolatines 45gr/Each frozen

6 chocolatines 45gr / ch, 100% butter with Belgian chocolate..

7.00 $ 8.00 $
6 croissants 100% butter 45gr / ch frozen -23%

6 croissants 100% butter 45gr / ch frozen

6 croissants 100% butter 45gr / ch..

6.00 $ 7.75 $
6 kaiser FROZEN -13%

6 kaiser FROZEN

Round bread ideal for hamburger or a good sandwich...

3.25 $ 3.75 $
8 panini ( for hot dog or press panini) FROZEN -13%

8 panini ( for hot dog or press panini) FROZEN

Buns made on the long ideal for hot dogs or in the panini press..

3.25 $ 3.75 $
8 small challah bread (for burger) 80gr/each FROZEN -11%
almonds 55% chocolate -11%

almonds 55% chocolate

Camino brand chocolate bars certified organic and fairtrade.ingredients: cacao mass, sugars, cacao butter, crushed almonds, ground vanilla beans, min 55% cacao"..

3.85 $ 4.35 $
Artisanal soap set -41%

Artisanal soap set

Exotic soap scents including lotus, frangipani, lemongrass and coconut. All natural and made by fair-trade artisans in Cambodia...

14.50 $ 24.50 $
Bacon and Cheese bread 725gr FROZEN -13%

Bacon and Cheese bread 725gr FROZEN

Frozen, Bacon and Cheese bread made with strong St. Albert cheese..

6.75 $ 7.75 $

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