CSUR le Marché, Marché de solidarité régionale de l'Outaouais
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of the Coopérative de solidarité du Suroît-CSUR which mission is to exploit a business in order to provide work to its workers and a goods and services in :

c. Collective start-up initiatives
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I declare that I am able to participate to the best of my competencies, interests and availabilities to the mission for which the Coop is constituted.

I commit to respect the rules, values and principles of the Coop.

I subscribe voluntarily 1 social part of 10$ for qualification to the Coop. This amount will be included in my first annual fee on my first invoice.

I understand that I will become a co-owner, as an individual, of this social part and that it is my duty to ask for reimbursement or transfer to someone else with written notice to the administration council.

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Pick up locations

a. Marché écolocal à Rigaud
b. La Source d’entraide à St-Lazare
c. Crossfit (Dorion)
d. Centre prénatal et jeunes familles (Dorion)
e. Pharmacie Familiprix située au 21 Qc-201 à Coteau-du-Lac
f. La Factrie à Salaberry-de-Valleyfield
g. Coop-CSUR à Ste-Marthe
h. Centre communautaire de l'Île Perrot

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Marche ecolocal de la Coop CSUR
98 St-Jean-Baptiste
Rigaud, QC, J0P 1P0

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