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March against Monsanto
March against Monsanto

START : 14 Square Dorchester
END : Around 16 h Parc Jeanne Mance for picnik GMO FREE

While worldwide indignation shakes governments, let us unite to show that people refuse the dictates of a few multinationals that sell out our lives and nature. We, the citizens, call for the end of monopolies on our food, we refuse GMOs, and more want to give our support to those who offer alternatives, responsible and environmentally friendly.

The march against Monsanto is a friendly family event that seeks not to disturb the order or to challenge the authorities: it is only to draw attention to the threats to our food system, from our fields to our plates. The stranglehold of agribusiness companies like Monsanto on our agriculture is very worrying, especially as our governments are complicit in our loss of autonomy to these giants.

This event is LEGAL since it is a fundamental right of citizens to express their opinions.

The subject IS to raise awareness on the need to turn our agriculture in a sustainable direction and must denounce the practices and companies like Monsanto poisoning our health and environment.

The subject IS NOT the law P- 6.

Come many and many to this event FESTIVE, FAMILY AND SAFE .

END: THE MARCH WILL END at 4pm in Jeanne Mance Park for a GMO-free pic-nic to forge links between protesters and raise awareness and increase the movement!

Looking forward to see you all Saturday!

ATTENTION: I would like to be perfectly clear that we are marching PEACEFULLY and LEGALLY in cooperation with the police. I am a mother of two young kids and wouldn't have it any other way. Please come and show your support for a GMO-free world where our food is healthy and safe for all future generations! We can make a difference!

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