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Dijon Mustard

A pure Dijon mustard with its lovely creamy texture and inimitable sharpness. Fans of strong mustard..

5.05 $

5.05$ /500ml

Chili sauce

Chili sauce made with vegetables from Ferme Natura. Please refrigerate once opened. Its perfect for ..

5.00 $

5.00$ / Pot 215ml

Cucumber relish

Traditionnal relish for hot-dogs, made with Ferme Natura's vegetables, without artificial coloring o..

8.00 $

8.00$ / Pot 425ml

Dill pickles

Sliced dill pickles made from pickling cucumbers produced at Ferme Natura. They are are perfect for ..

8.00 $

8.00$ / Pot 425ml


 Cucina Antica Organic Ketchup is perfect for dipping and topping.ingredients: Organic tomato p..

5.39 $

5.39$ / bouteille 575ml


Organic Kimchi . Kimchi is a naturally fermented product that is rich in enzymes and probiotics. You..

10.15 $

10.15$ / pot 750ml


Organic sauerkraut made in Quebec Gaspesie Ingredients: Organic cabbage, salt..

10.15 $

10.15$ /750ml


Organic Vegenaise® offers all the great taste and texture of Original Vegenaise® with the added bene..

11.39 $

11.39$ /946ml

Yellow turmeric Mustard

Our yellow mustard with turmeric is the good old mustard of our childhood, enhanced "with our Maison..

3.15 $


Zucchini relish

Relish made with Ferme Natura's vegetable for people who prefer a more vinegary and less sweet relis..

8.00 $

8.00$ / Pot 425ml

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