Dear members of the Ecolocal Market,

We are very proud that you prefer our service for buying your complete ecological groceries online!

In this great moment of uncertainty, we must all ensure our safety and that of our loved ones. This is why, at the Coop-CSUR, we are increasing our efforts to continue to serve you well and to make you feel safe!

Our supply system works well

We work with our suppliers to ensure a continuous supply. There are still some issues on a few products, but the situation is improving.

Local producers are very aware and adhere to the very strict new hygiene measures we have put in place. They also contribute to solidarity efforts and participate in the activities of the Ecolocal Market.

As always, we are committed to offering you the competitive prices and specials you are used to in the "Special Products" section on the home page. We want to avoid, as much as possible, any disappointment if items are missing when you visit the store. We therefore send you, every Wednesday, an email with the items not received and the surplus items, so that you can let us know in advance of any additions to be put in your order.

The health and safety of everyone is always at the heart of our decisions.

Overall, in Rigaud:

Every day, we adjust our health and safety measures to ensure the safety of our workers, volunteers and members. 

- Our work spaces continue to be cleaned regularly according to the highest standards of hygiene and we are increasing the frequency of our cleaning and equipment sanitation rounds, particularly in the busiest areas.

- Workers and volunteers wash their hands between each contact with a producer or member and with the products.

- We have closed our bulk spaces. All your products normally in bulk are still available, but will be exceptionally bagged for you.

- We limit the number of visitors to the premises to 2 members in order to respect the rules of social distancing at all times.

- We require that all orders be made online or by phone to allow workers and volunteers to prepare orders in advance. 

No on-site orders can be placed by members. An order can be made by phone or by email, but the order will have to be picked up later. 514-262-5550 or 

- When the drop-off point opens on Thursday, your order will already be validated and will be given to you in a kraft paper bag. You will only have to pick it up and validate it at home. Bags can be kept and returned to us after COVID.

- We rely heavily on virtual payment by direct debit, bank transfer or credit card. NO MONEY WILL BE ACCEPTED!

For home deliveries :

- All orders are put in kraft paper grocery bags. You can keep them and bring them back to us after COVID.

- The person making the delivery to your home has strictly followed all health and safety procedures from the Rigaud premises.

- This person must have no contact with members. He/she will simply place the bags in a cooler that you will have left outside, in plain sight. Or they hand them to someone without entering the residences.

- The person making the deliveries receives no payment. All orders must be paid by direct debit, bank transfer or credit card.

- If the need is greater than our ability to handle it in one day, we will open new delivery ranges.

If there is a problem with some of your products, or with your order or delivery, in general, you can always contact us by phone or email. We continue to offer satisfaction to all our members! 514-262-5550 or

In fact, we are currently seeing a lot of interest in our Ecolocal Marketplace. We are very interested in receiving your comments by email on what convinced you to join, what charmed you, what motivated you to order from us rather than from elsewhere! Send us your comments at 

Like you, we don't know how long this pandemic will last. We can only adapt and rely on all the dedicated workers and volunteers around us. 

Rigorous action now will allow us to better adapt over time. Thank you all for sticking together at such an important time!

Our promise to serve you well could not be kept without the remarkable work of our workers and volunteers. We are very proud of the work they accomplish every day in extraordinary conditions and with surprising flexibility and resilience! 

******** I'm asking you to be lenient with them,because they are making exceptional efforts every day. ********

Finally, thank you dear members for your loyalty and trust. We are privileged to be able to serve you and to contribute in the best possible way to this collective effort.

In solidarity,

Bianka Dupaul

Executive Director


Dehydrated Zucchini, Date and Ground Cherry Bread

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