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Boston lettuce - organic Refrigerated product Boston lettuce - organic

Ferme Biopol Organic New
3,00 $ unité Qty : 15

Dried lovage Dried lovageDried lovage

Air dried leaves are available for herbal teas. Lovage adds a more potent and savoury flavor than celery to all your favorite dishes like soups and stews. Lovage is also recognised for some health benefits.
AGtion Inc New
1,50 $ bag (3 g) Qty : 2
Dried lovage

Edible flowers Refrigerated product Edible flowersEdible flowers

(Mélange de différentes fleurs comestibles sauvages et cultivées à ajouter à vos salades ou pour parfumer vos potages, sautés et mijotés.)
AGtion Inc New
2,00 $ 10 -15 Qty : 2
Edible flowers

Fresh oregano on stem Refrigerated product Fresh oregano on stemFresh oregano on stem

Fresh oregano on stem. Ideal to for your tomato sauces!
AGtion Inc New
2,00 $ 5 stems Qty : 3
Fresh oregano on stem

Imperfect romaine lettuce %u2013 organic Refrigerated product Imperfect romaine lettuce %u2013 organicImperfect romaine lettuce %u2013 organic

The central leaves have a a brownish margin but the other leaves are perfect. Regular price : 3,00$
Ferme Natura Organic New
2,50 $ each Qty : 5
Imperfect romaine lettuce %u2013 organic

Lettuce (romaine) Refrigerated product Lettuce (romaine)

Ferme Biopol New
3,00 $ unit Qty : 15

Red leaf lettuce leaves - organic Refrigerated product Red leaf lettuce leaves - organic

Detached curly red lettuce leaves
Ferme Natura Organic New
3,00 $ 180 g Qty : 5

Sliced rhubarb Refrigerated product Sliced rhubarbSliced rhubarb

Fresh rhubarb sliced and ready for punch, desserts and jams.
AGtion Inc New
6,00 $ 600 g Qty : 3
Sliced rhubarb

Soya cream Soya creamSoya cream

Organic creamy soy preparation for cooking.
Grossistes Organic New
2,16 $ 250ml Qty : Inf
Soya cream

Sweet mature corn Frozen product Sweet mature corn

Organic mature sweet corn from Ferme Natura frozen seperately. You can thaw only the amount you need. Perfect for your Sheppard's pies and soups.
Ferme Natura Eco Ng New

Turbot filets from gaspésie Frozen product Turbot filets from gaspésie

Turbot filet of 300g fished in Gaspésie, from sustainable fishing.
Grossistes New
10,72 $ 300g Qty : 11

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