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(tomates cocktail - jaunes) (tomates cocktail - jaunes)(tomates cocktail - jaunes)

A collection of 3 delicious small yellow cocktail tomatoes.
AGtion Inc New
3,50 $ 300 g Qty : 2
(tomates cocktail - jaunes)

Algonquin tea 16 tea bags Algonquin tea 16 tea bags

Hand-picked and ethically wildcrafted in the Canadian wilderness. Contains no caffeine, additives or preservatives.
Grossistes Organic Fair trade New

Asian bean Refrigerated product Asian beanAsian bean

Dark green string bean, slim, and very long.
Ferme Oracle des Bois Eco NgVegan New
2,00 $ Bunch Qty : 1
Asian bean

Crookneck winter squash Crookneck winter squash

Yellow with green base. Shaped like a goose.
Ferme Oracle des Bois Eco NgVegan New
1,00 $ 1 Decorative Qty : 4

Dried tarragon Dried tarragonDried tarragon

Air dried Tarragon leaves, ideal with fish and chicken. Also used to enhance the taste of sauces and butters.
AGtion Inc New
1,50 $ Bag (3 g) Qty : 3
Dried tarragon

Mapler bacon sausage Refrigerated product Mapler bacon sausageMapler bacon sausage

Les Fermes Valens New
6,45 $ (Fr: 300g) Qty : Inf
Mapler bacon sausage

Melisse, fresh Refrigerated product Melisse, freshMelisse, fresh

Beaume Melisse, as a tea, helps to sleep.
Ferme Oracle des Bois Eco Ng New
3,00 $ Bunch Qty : Inf
Melisse, fresh

Organic tournedos Frozen product Organic tournedosOrganic tournedos

Each unti weighs approx. 255g
Les Fermes Valens Organic New
9,65 $ (Fr: 265g) Qty : Inf
Organic tournedos

Purple fingers eggplant Refrigerated product Purple fingers eggplantPurple fingers eggplant

Miniature slim Italian, long and slim, tender, purple, white flesh, bitter free, firm eggplant. Delicious baked, fried, stewed, and marinated.
Ferme Oracle des Bois Eco NgVegan New
4,00 $ bunch Qty : 2
Purple fingers eggplant

Red tomatoes, 3 varieties Refrigerated product Red tomatoes, 3 varietiesRed tomatoes, 3 varieties

Brandy wine, big beef, fantastic
Ferme Oracle des Bois Eco NgVegan New
4,50 $ 1 kg Qty : Inf
Red tomatoes, 3 varieties

Soy candle - sweet spices Soy candle - sweet spicesSoy candle - sweet spices

Organic soy candle, in recycled glass jar, hand made wooden wick.
Pousses & Fantaisies New
6,00 $ 100 ml Qty : 10
Soy candle - sweet spices

Statice flower, dried organic Statice flower, dried organic

Decorative bouquet, approx. 25 cm diameter. They keep their color, can be kept for a year or more.
Ferme Biopol Organic New
8,50 $ bunch Qty : 9

String beans, varied Refrigerated product String beans, varied

Ferme Oracle des Bois Eco NgVegan New
1,00 $ packet Qty : 1

Zucchini Refrigerated product ZucchiniZucchini

Dark green zucchini.
Ferme Oracle des Bois Eco NgVegan New

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